Practitioner Training


Practitioner Training

with Jon Gamble & Nyema Hermiston

☺Clear clinical outcomes

☺Increased patient satisfaction

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FOUR SEMINARS have been designed for practitioners who wish to expand their clinical skills when dealing with difficult cases.

Since 1998 Jon and Nyema have successfully presented practitioner seminars in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra on the homeopathic treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Obstacles To Cure.
In response to demand, they are expanding these seminars to provide more detailed information and update practitioners on treatments they have developed when treating obstinate and serious conditions. Practitioners who are listed as accredited in our methods, have all attended these seminars and demonstrated their competency.

If you are a practitioner and would like to be informed about our next seminar please email us your interest: [email protected]

The ABC of IBS and Other Digestive Disorders

Gut disorders are everywhere; so skilled practitioners are sought after!
Irritable Bowel Syndrome accounts for 50 per cent of visits to gastro-enterologists. Patients are given little hope of recovery and are told to “take more fibre” and they will “just have to live with it”. Therefore, there is real demand for practitioners who can successfully treat gut disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
In this seminar, Jon Gamble defines the causes and categories of IBS and related gastro-intestinal disorders, including gastro-oesophageal reflux and peptic ulcer. Specific homeopathic treatments are recommended in common symptom presentations, which Jon has put into ‘categories’.
The use of specific remedies for each category results in vastly improved patient outcomes. Participants will be able to use the treatments in their practice straight away. Time is allowed for you to explore your tricky cases.
The prescribed textbook is Mastering Homeopathy 2: The Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Advanced Digestive Diseases (prerequisites: ABC of IBS, Obstacles to Cure 1 & 2)

  • Following on from The ABC of IBS, this seminar deals with more complex, multi-layered cases that have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (eg ulcerative colitis). Successfully treated cases from Jon’s clinic are analysed in workshop style.
    At the conclusion of this seminar, you will be given an optional short assessment in using the method of treating IBS that Jon outlines in his seminars. Satisfactory completion of the assessment enables you to be listed on the IBS Solutions Website; where patients with IBS and other gut diseases can source accredited practitioners in their locality.
    The prescribed textbook is Mastering Homeopathy 2: The Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


The premise of obstacles to cure is fully described in Jon Gamble’s most recent book; Obstacles to Cure; Toxicity, Deficiency and Infection.The blurb reads: “Illnesses of the 21st century are increasingly different from those in much of the homeopathic literature. We are now faced with more patients presenting with autism, ADHD, severe allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity. Successfully treating these patients challenges the efficacy of traditional homeopathic methodology. If we are not achieving the successful outcomes our patients need for their diseases, we must ask ourselves: are we recognising contemporary obstacles to cure?”

Obstacles to Cure 1:  Identifying and Treating Mineral Imbalance and Deficiency /Reading Hair Mineral Analyses

Obstacles to cure are not always miasmatic! This seminar is essentially a nutritional guide for homeopaths. It describes cases that have gone unresolved, until a significant nutritional deficiency or imbalance is revealed, which then enables a successful outcome.  Extensive use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and patient examination is used to clearly identify nutritional issues and also leads to good patient compliance. This seminar describes significant nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, their clinical signs and how to treat them. It also describes how to read a hair mineral analysis to correct the nutritional status both nutritionally and homeopathically. The prescribed textbook is Mastering Homeopathy 3: Obstacles to Cure: Toxicity, Deficiency & Infection.


Obstacles to Cure 2:  Identifying and Treating Toxicity and Infection

This seminar emphasises how identifying underpinning causes of disease leads to better patient outcomes. It outlines how accurate diagnosis sheds new light on treatment for patients whose illnesses have defied all attempts at recovery.

Toxicity: Heavy metals, chemicals and iatrogenesis

Infection: The impact of micro organisms in chronic disease

Case examples are provided and time is allowed for you to discuss your own difficult cases.
The prescribed textbook is Mastering Homeopathy 3: Obstacles to Cure: Toxicity, Deficiency & Infection.


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